Hemp & CBD Expo - Birmingham, UK

Hemp & CBD Expo - Birmingham, UK

Baker Perkins is highlighting a trouble-free process to make high-quality gummy confectionery containing CBD on stand B-52 at the Hemp & CBD Expo at the NEC, Birmingham, February 29 – March 1.

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The starch-free depositing process, widely used in the confectionery industry, is expanding rapidly into functional confectionery for the health and wellness sectors, where confectionery is acknowledged as a straightforward and palatable delivery method.

A ServoForm™ Mini starch-free depositor will be on the Baker Perkins stand: over 50 of these machines are at work worldwide, mainly in the functional gummy market.

The starch-free depositing process combines high accuracy, high-quality appearance and low production costs in a controlled, hygienic environment. Exactly the right proportion of CBD is added to ensure that the dose is correct and that there is no waste of this and other expensive active ingredients.

Gummies may be used to deliver a variety of adaptogens and other functional ingredients as well as CBD, including vitamins, minerals, ginseng, turmeric and chamomile. The hygienic nature of the manually operated ServoForm™ Mini cooking and depositing system makes it ideal for production to validation standards, where required.

Based on Baker Perkins’ proven ServoForm™ high-output depositing technology, the ServoForm™ Mini deposits products in 2 to 16 gram pieces at rates up to 54kg/hour, with a consistent size and shape.

Although functional confectionery is not a new concept, the unique characteristics of starch-free depositing are increasingly making it the process of choice for these sectors. This is a simple process with hygiene at its core—solid moulds, non-contact ejection system, fully automatic wash-through function and no recycling of starch. This combination of benefits makes starch-free depositing the only viable process for the health and wellness sectors.

There is a key difference between production requirements for conventional and functional confectionery: unit consumption is low – often one piece per day, unlike conventional confectionery where a bag full of candies can disappear rapidly! This, combined with a wide range of different formulations, means that batch sizes and outputs are much lower than typical confectionery-scale equipment.

Baker Perkins has over 50 years' experience in cooking and starch free depositing of confectionery, with more than 600 installations around the world. This expertise is now being utilised in the development of systems for functional confectionery.

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