Systems and Services for the Breakfast Cereal Industry

A range of unit machines combined with the process knowledge and engineering expertise to integrate them into reliable and flexible high-output systems enables Baker Perkins to provide equipment for virtually every kind of breakfast cereal: from traditional corn flakes, to modern filled pillows, to kibbled granola cereal and baked granola bars.

The range includes extruders, cereal cookers, flaking rolls, shredders, toasters and syrup coating units that can be used to form versatile plants. Each machine is specified to match the customer’s product and output needs.

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Complete Systems

Cereal lines use a process based on either a rotary steam cooker or a twin-screw extruder.

In both cases, a range of flaking rolls, toasters, shredders, dryers and syrup coating units can be added to form versatile plants, each one specified to match the customer’s product and output needs.

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Versatile Processes

Rotary steam cooking is the traditional method of cooking grains used in healthy, high-quality, and high-value cereals.

Twin-screw extrusion is a more versatile process that can be used for flakes and extruded cereals as well as co-extruded filled pillows - a chocolate or cream filling surrounded by a crisp outer shell.

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Expand to Meet Demand

The ability to incorporate additional units into a line to extend a product portfolio is fundamental to the decision of many manufacturers to invest with Baker Perkins

A modular approach to process design allows the system to expand as the producer’s business grows or the market develops.

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