High Speed Mixers

  • Upgrades

    Baker Perkins continuously develops equipment to improve performance and reduce cost of ownership. Many developments are available as upgrades for existing machinery; they address problems such as insufficient capacity, poor reliability and outdated hygiene standards. Original machine performance can be exceeded, and service life given a worthwhile extension.

    Upgrades available for Baker Perkins' High Speed mixers include:

    Replace 2-speed DC motor with 2-speed AC motor

    The AC motor brings the benefits of maintenance-free operation.

    Replace 2-speed AC or DC motor with vari-speed AC Motor

    The ability to run at any chosen speed gives complete process control. It allows a soft-start facility to be introduced. This reduces power ‘spikes’ on the distribution system, and shock-loading on mechanical components.

    Replace electro-mechanical controls

    A PLC and touch-screen improves process visualisation and alarm management.

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Lifetime Support for Pet Food Equipment

Lifetime Support for Pet Food Equipment

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