High Speed Mixers

  • Rebuilds

    Machines nearing the end of their useful life can often be revitalized by rebuilding This is often a cost-effective way to restore the performance and reliability of a machine and extend its life.

    Rebuilding can take place either on-site, or in a Baker Perkins factory.

    Rebuilds use proven Baker Perkins Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts so high quality and long life are assured. These are made to the original or improved specifications.

    Rebuild Options: High Speed Mixers

    Even when a rebuild is required, it is likely that the essential core components of the mixer remain sound – the mixing blade, frame and bowl.

    A rebuild would therefore involve the following:

    • Renewing all bearings and bearing housings.
    • Upgrading motor and controls to the latest specification
    • Renewing inlet valves
    • Replacing painted doors with stainless steel doors
    • Repainting

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Lifetime Support for Pet Food Equipment

Lifetime Support for Pet Food Equipment

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