Petfood Forum 2021

Baker Perkins will be attending Petfood Forum 2021 at the Kansas City Convention Center in Kansas City, MO, September 22-24, 2021.  We are exhibiting jointly with Schenck Process on Booth 1026.

Schenck Process supplies complete pet food systems including ingredient handling, weighing and feeding and pneumatic conveying.    Baker Perkins provides processing equipment for baked pet foods and pet treats.  Baker Perkins customers can now benefit from Schenck Process’s expertise in both material handling and turnkey project execution.

Baker Perkins will be showing a laboratory -scale rotary moulder and a die display from the range of equipment for baked pet foods and treats, plus a ServoForm Mini depositor for pet gummies.

Baked pet food and pet treats

Over 100 years of experience in the design and installation of baked pet treat lines has given Baker Perkins a unique database of knowledge and expertise in technologies including the key processes of mixing, forming and baking. 

Baker Perkins understands the exacting requirements involved in processing the heavy doughs needed for pet treat production.      Robust, heavyweight equipment is essential to mix, feed and form the dough into the required shapes.  Baking also has particular characteristics that are exclusive to this range of products.

We use our process familiarity to specify exactly the right system for each end product, to design equipment that meets the specific needs of the industry, and imaginatively solve issues such as better weight control, reduced maintenance and ease of use.   

Baker Perkins systems provide the flexibility to make baked treats in a broad variety of attractive shapes, colors and flavors.

Deposited gummy treats

Depositing is a new process for pet treat chews    The Baker Perkins ServoForm Mini, a flexible starch-free depositing system for small batch production, is widely used in the confectionery industry for gummies – over 100 have been sold in the past four years.  They are ideal for producing high-quality chewy gummies for pets, and can incorporate a wide range of dietary supplements.

The starch-free depositing process combines high accuracy, high-quality appearance and low production costs in a controlled, hygienic environment. Exactly the right proportion of ingredients is added to ensure that the dose is correct and that there is no waste.

A recent initiative is the addition of CBD to functional gummies.   The medicinal benefits claimed for CBD which include alleviating symptoms of muscle and joint stiffness, plus improved sleep and relaxation, are all relevant in the pet food sector.

Extrusion brings new ideas

Baker Perkins twin-screw cooker extruders produce an extensive range of pet treats.    Options include direct expanded pieces with a cookie-or cracker-like texture, produced in a variety of sizes on a standard extrusion line.   Adding a co-extrusion system creates the ability to produce added-value center-filled treats.    These consist of cream or paste, in an almost unlimited variety of colors and flavors, surrounded by an outer shell.

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