Accurate and hygienic cooking and depositing for active and functional ingredients

Accurate and hygienic cooking and depositing for active and functional ingredients

Our ServoForm™ Mini depositor sits at the heart of a highly versatile production line that can produce hard candies, jellies and gummies, toffees and lollipops - including high-value medicated or functional products.

It is highly successful – we have sold over 50 since it was launched a little over three years ago.

To meet product flexibility and output requirements we offer a choice of batch and continuous integrated cooking systems:

JellyCook™ Batch Cooker

The JellyCook™ is a batch weighing, mixing and cooking system for pectin and gelatin confectionery syrups.

The JellyCook™ comes into its own when small batches are needed. The cooker washes out automatically after each 30kg batch so there is no danger of cross-contamination, and each batch can be completely different. This matches the flexibility of the ServoForm™ Mini depositor where a different mould set can be used for each batch.

The JellyCook™ concept is flexible. The standard machine produces 30kg/hour; the JellyCook™ Max, a two-cooker unit, achieves 60kg/hour; and there is a special version – the JellyCook™ Duo for gelatin and two-colour operation.

Turbofilm™ Mini Continuous Cooker

The Turbofilm™ Mini is a continuous option for these products and is also capable of cooking hard candy where the short cooking time prevents inversion and discolouration.

Jellies and gummies can be cooked in either system, but for longer runs the Turbofilm™ is preferred. Continuous dissolving and cooking brings the benefits of high efficiency, low waste and low energy use, and simplicity of operation. It is ideal for start-ups and niche manufacturers, or experimental and development work in larger operations.

Accurate and hygienic for active and functional ingredients

The JellyCook™ and Turbofilm™ are both designed for extremely accurate addition of expensive active ingredients, colours and flavours. They may be added proportionately to a weighed quantity of cooked syrup in a reservoir tank or in-line using a continuous dosing and mixing system.

Jellies and gummies are used to deliver a variety of functional ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, CBD, fibre, protein, Omega-3, probiotics and energy supplements. The healthy positioning may be enhanced with the inclusion of fruit pulp or pieces.

Some medicated products are more suitable to a hard candy delivery system, particularly where slow release of the active ingredient is required. These include antiseptics, menthol and eucalyptus oil to alleviate the symptoms of minor ailments such as coughs, colds, sore throats and nasal congestion.

The hygienic nature of the ServoForm™ Mini cooking and depositing system makes it ideal for production to validation standards for healthcare products. Based on Baker Perkins’ proven ServoForm™ high-output depositing technology, the ServoForm™ Mini deposits a high quality, smooth product in 2 to 16 gram pieces, with a consistent size and shape, and high piece weight accuracy.

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JellyCook™ Batch Cooker

Turbofilm™ Mini Continuous Cooker

ServoForm™ Mini small-batch depositor

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