Biodegradable Packaging Materials

  • Biodegradable Packaging

    The process of mixing, hydrating, expanding, shaping and cutting bio-materials into chips and shapes has much in common with food extrusion. This is an area where Baker Perkins has significant expertise, and this is being sought out by manufacturers of biodegradable packaging.

    Baker Perkins' range of twin-screw extruders includes a 19mm benchtop machine for research labs, a 24mm unit for pilot plants and production extruders from 30mm up to 100mm. Barrel length is chosen to suit the application and both clamshell and solid barrels are available with heating and/or cooling as necessary.

    Dies for chips, strips and sheets are available, along with the appropriate cutter, and are easily interchanged to allow a full range of product types to be manufactured.  

    Loose Fill

    Loose fill packaging materials are a familiar part of everyday life and becoming more so as consumer shopping habits continue to migrate online. Loose fill chips, or peanuts, are ideal for companies despatching a range of different products as they are lightweight and flow easily to fill gaps between the box and a product of any shape and size.

    Once in place, the chips interlock to form a rigid and stable yet flexible structure that prevents movement of the product while providing good shock absorption.

    Loose fill chips are also non-abrasive, non-adhesive and do not involve heat or chemicals at the point of use.

    Baker Perkins' Innovation Centres

    Although plastic-based loose fill and sheets are often made from recycled plastics, and are themselves recyclable, there is often no infrastructure to collect used materials from consumers. Consequently, biodegradable materials are increasingly becoming the norm.

    The pressure to switch to biodegradable or sustainable packaging means that this is a fast-moving field, constantly being challenged to develop new products and use a wider range of biomaterials, including recycled and by-products.

    Baker Perkins operates Innovation Centres in the UK and USA, with twin-screw extruders available for everything from demonstrations of current technology to new product development trials and experiments with new materials.

Technical Bulletin: Biodegradable Packaging Materials

Technical Bulletin: Biodegradable Packaging Materials

Extrusion Innovation Centre

Extrusion Innovation Centre

The Extrusion Innovation Centre offers full powder coating and non-food production facilities, alongside research and development services for many industrial applications.

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Lifetime Support for Extrusion Equipment

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