Integrated Control Systems

  • Controls

    Developed specifically for the complete range of Baker Perkins extruders, a touch-screen HMI provides clear, at-a-glance visualization of the process, including current status of all major components and parameters.

    Full integration of upstream and downstream equipment

    Options include systems integration of upstream and downstream equipment into a single control point for the line. Optional features such as gearbox condition monitoring and gravimetric feeder data - such as machine throughput and specific energy calculation - can also be integrated. 

    Data logging

    Data trending and logging, and a network connection for data acquisition support short and long-term efficiency and process improvement programmes. 

    Startup and shutdown sequencing

    Startup and shutdown sequencing cuts waste at the beginning and end of each run: production does not start until the machine has warmed up, and the extruder does not shut down until product is completely ejected from the barrel, resulting in minimum cleaning between product changes.

    Secure remote access

    The system includes remote access over the internet via a VPN router. This enables Baker Perkins' engineers to log in to a machine anywhere in the world for fault-finding, commissioning and software updates.

    Alarm management

    Alarm management means that the operator can immediately identify and locate problems.

    Recipe management

    Automatic management of recipe settings ensures exact, unvarying replication of product, eliminating quality variations caused by operator error, while the data collection system records all key process variables.


    • System integration of upstream and downstream equipment into a single control point for the line 
    • Integration of optional features, such as gearbox condition monitoring and gravimetric feeder data
    • Data logging, trending and reporting of all process parameters for quality control and process optimization
    • Recipe driven set-up minimizes start-up time and reduces labour and waste
    • Remote access for online support from Baker Perkins
    • Alarm management and recording enables operators to quickly resolve problems and identify trends / persistent faults
Brochure: Industrial Extrusion

Brochure: Industrial Extrusion

Extrusion Innovation Centre

Extrusion Innovation Centre

The Extrusion Innovation Centre offers full powder coating and non-food production facilities, alongside research and development services for many industrial applications.

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Lifetime Support for Extrusion Equipment

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Extrusion News Archive

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