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    Baker Perkins’ success as a leading producer of twin-screw extruders is based on experience and know-how dating back to the earliest days of the industry.

    Now acknowledged as the most versatile production process available, Baker Perkins pioneered the introduction of twin-screw extrusion - and has taken the lead in technological advances ever since.

    Baker Perkins was the first company to design and build a twin-screw clam shell machine in 1975, and our best-in-class MPX continuous production extruders now combine a wealth of technical advances pioneered over the years.


    1975 – first to develop and manufacture twin screw extruders with a clam-shell barrel

    1975 – first to offer high free volume geometry in the barrel and screw elements

    1976-1986 – moderate increases to power and speed, using round shafts

    1987 – increased power, speed and barrel L/D by switching to hex shafts. First - and still - the only extruder manufacturer to deliver through-shaft cooling via the gearbox

    1990 – PLC control systems introduced

    1997 – redesigned barrel introduced with modular drop-in inserts, cast heaters, active sealing glands, and quick release shaft couplings

    1997 – first to offer independently opening top and bottom barrel halves

    1999 – developed the split stuffing box with Akzo Nobel

    2003 – increased power, speed and barrel L/D by switching to splined shafts

    2005 – began using Vandium Tool Steel (VTS) as the standard material of construction for barrel liners and screw elements

    2006 – introduced integrated control systems for up- and down-stream equipment – read more

    2013 – introduced gearbox condition monitoring – read more

    2014 – introduced water cooled motors and Lenze PLC control systems

    2016 – started offering increased barrel cooling

    2017 – dedicated Innovation Centre opened in Peterborough, UK – read more

    2018 – introduced the patented MAX³ Feed System to address the long-term problem within the industry of restricted output and torque surges caused by material building up in the extruder feed port – read more

Brochure: Industrial Extrusion

Brochure: Industrial Extrusion

Extrusion Innovation Centre

Extrusion Innovation Centre

The Extrusion Innovation Centre offers full powder coating and non-food production facilities, alongside research and development services for many industrial applications.

Lifetime Support for Extrusion Equipment

Lifetime Support for Extrusion Equipment

Parts, service, upgrades and rebuilds for your APV and Baker Perkins machines for as long as they remain in production..

Extrusion News Archive

Extrusion News Archive

Keep up-to-date with Baker Perkins' latest developments in powder coating and industrial extrusion.