Twin-screw extrusion is increasingly used as a hygienic and energy efficient method to produce core ingredients.

Bread is a typical example in the ingredient industry. The traditional process for making breadcrumb involves mixing, forming and baking bread before discarding the crusts and grinding. The same product can be made with no waste using a twin-screw extruder.

Similarly for croutons; a bread-like texture can be developed in the extruder and the pieces cut to size at the die or a post-extrusion cutter.

As well as the enormous savings in space, equipment, energy and labour this brings, the process is also much more flexible, enabling quick and easy switching between different recipes. Extrusion is also an excellent way of addressing the market for gluten-free bread products as it can easily handle the various alternative flours and starches used to make doughs. 

Extruders also bring a lot of advantages to producing inclusions for products such as ice cream and cereal bars, and modified / pre-gelatinized flours used in products such as instant soups, bakery pre-mixes and infant nutrition.