Snack Master™ Systems: Overview

  • Snack Master™ Concept

    The dynamic nature of the snack market presents many opportunities for manufacturers wanting to grow their business. The ability to bring new products to market quickly and cost-effectively is vital. The Baker Perkins Snack Master™ range has been developed specifically to meet this need.

    As the snack food industry develops, manufacturers have to generate a steady stream of attention-grabbing new products to stimulate interest and satisfy consumer expectations. Taste, convenience, health, indulgence and variety are all issues affecting a purchase decision. There is a clear trend towards more complex products, with improved shape and colour definition to provide differentiation in a crowded market.

    Companies competing in the snack sector also need equipment with the flexibility to produce a range of products that match the latest trends in consumer preference; an inbuilt ability to bring new products to market quickly and move easily into adjacent market niches. Twin-screw extrusion is a process that connects all these requirements.

    Snack Master™ Concept

    Based on the SBX Master™ twin-screw extruder, Snack Master™ systems may be specified to produce any of a wide array of extruded snacks, from standard direct expanded curls, rings and puffs to sophisticated, multi-component premium products including croutons, crispbread and sheeted snacks.

    A standard Snack Master™ line comprises an SBX Master™ extruder, dryer and flavouring system to make a range of direct expanded products. Using Baker Perkins’ process and product expertise, additional units may be incorporated into the line over time to build capability. Modules that can be added include specialist cutters for chipsticks or croutons; a sheeting die and oven for baked crisps; and a co-extrusion die and pillow crimper for filled pillows, sticks and wafers. Special dies, cutters, co-extrusion equipment, dryers, fryers, ovens and coolers can be added to form versatile plants capable of a wide range of high-specification snacks.

    Performance and reliability are maintained throughout, making Snack Master™ the ideal system for snack manufacturers of every size.

    Fully equipped Innovation Centres

    To help with developing new products, Baker Perkins maintains a fully equipped Innovation Centre at our offices in the UK. Complete with a 50mm extruder, a range of dies and various post-extrusion forming equipment, the Innovation Centre provides the perfect off-line environment for trying out a range of product and process ideas quickly and cost-effectively. With help and assistance available from our expert food process technologists, visitors to the centre are assured that their new developments will transfer from the lab to full scale production without modification.

  • Full Equipment Range
    Snack Master™ Standard Line  


    SBX Master crisp making machine





    SBX Master™ Extruder

    CoEx Master™ Co-Extrusion Systems  


    coex master crisp making machine





    CoEx Master™ Co-Extruder



    pillow crimper crisp making machine





    CoEx Master™ Pillow Crimper



    crisp making machine cream feed]





    CoEx Master™ Cream Feed







    Shred Master™ Systems

    Heat Transfer  


    thermoglide crisp making machine





    Thermoglide2™ Toaster







    Snack Toaster Oven



    crisp making machine gas fired oven





    Direct Gas Fired Oven



    jetcirc convection oven crisp making machine





    Jetcirc™ Convection Oven

Brochure: Food Extrusion

Brochure: Food Extrusion

Extruded Snack Products

Extruded Snack Products

View some of the extruded snacks that can be made on Baker Perkins' process lines.

Co-Extruded Snack Products

Co-Extruded Snack Products

View some of the co-extruded products that can be made on Baker Perkins' process lines.

Premium Snack Products

Premium Snack Products

View some of the premium snacks that can be made on Baker Perkins' process lines.

Food Extrusion Innovation Centres

Food Extrusion Innovation Centres

Baker Perkins offers all its customers facilities to develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials.