Extruded Sheeted Snacks

Extruded Sheeted Snacks schematic

Baker Perkins Snack Master™ Systems

For Extruded Sheeted Snacks:

1. SBX Master™ Extruder

Ingredients are texturized and cooked through a combination of heat, mechanical shear and moisture addition. Flavours and colours can be added easily.

2. Sheeting Die

Produces a very wide, thin sheet.

3. Rotary Cutter

Accurate and reliable cutting of the product from the supplied dough sheet.

4. Oven / Fryer

The products are baked or fried before being passed to the seasoning unit.

5. Seasoning

Products are seasoned. Savoury snacks are generally coated with oil and seasoning; sweet snacks can be sugar coated and subsequently dried.

  • Snack Master™ Concept

    Snack Master™ Standard Line + Module 4: Sheeted Snacks

    A standard Snack Master™ system comprises an SBX Master™ extruder, dryer and flavouring system to make a range of direct expanded products. This system can be extended to create a range of innovative, high value sheeted snacks by adding a sheeting die and a Baker Perkins rotary cutter to the line.

    The specialized sheeting die produces a very wide, thin sheet of dough, which is rotary cut before being fried or baked and flavoured.

    This process makes exciting taste and texture combinations with high consumer appeal possible. For example, ‘credit cards’: novel slim, flat, rectangular co-extruded wafers that can incorporate a wide variety of savory or sweet fillings. They may be positioned as snacks in their own right; alternatively they could be marketed as ‘dipping’ products for spreads and dips.

    All these ideas utilize the Baker Perkins SBX Master™ twin-screw cooker extruder, a solid-barrel unit offering process flexibility through modular design, high free-volume geometry and high torque capacity. With a range of barrel diameters available, outputs from 225 to 2,000kg/hr are possible.

    The SBX Master™ is the basis of the Baker Perkins Snack Master™ modular line concept that enables an extrusion line producing a standard range of direct expanded snacks to be extended to make a range of high added-value sticks, pillows bars and bites in both plain, shredded or filled forms.

    New products can be introduced quickly, and short-life products become a profitable option.

    Baker Perkins provides the process and engineering expertise to reconfigure the lines, and works with customers to develop new product ideas, often in the Baker Perkins Innovation Centre, where a comprehensive range of equipment is available for trials. Each installation is individually specified to match the customer’s exact product needs.

  • Required Equipment
    Snack Master™ Standard Line  


    extruder crisp making machine





    SBX Master™ Extruder

    Rotary Cutter  



    rotary cutter crisp making machine




    TruClean™ Rotary Cutter

    Heat Transfer  





    Heat Transfer Options

Brochure: Food Extrusion

Brochure: Food Extrusion

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Snack Master™ Systems

Snack Master™ Systems

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Food Extrusion Innovation Centres

Food Extrusion Innovation Centres

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