Direct Expanded Snacks

Direct Expanded Snacks schematic

Baker Perkins Snack Master™ Systems

For Direct Expanded Snacks:

1. SBX Master™ Extruder

Ingredients are texturized and cooked through a combination of heat, mechanical shear and moisture addition. Flavours and colours can be added easily.

2. Dies & Cutters

Dies create a number of streams of equal volume before shaping them with carefully designed, interchangeable inserts. 

3. Dryer

The products are dried before being passed to the seasoning unit.

4. Seasoning

Products are seasoned. Savoury snacks are generally coated with oil and seasoning; sweet snacks can be sugar coated and subsequently dried.

  • Snack Master™ Concept

    Snack Master™ Standard Line

    A standard Snack Master™ system comprises an SBX Master™ extruder, dryer and flavouring system to make a range of direct expanded products.

    The Baker Perkins twin-screw SBX Master™ extruder cooks the ingredients using a combination of heat, mechanical shear and moisture addition; flavours and colours can be added directly into the barrel. Manufacturers can choose from the full array of grain and rice as the basis for an extensive product portfolio. Savoury snacks are generally coated with oil and seasoning; sweet snacks can be sugar coated and subsequently dried.

    Twin-screw extrusion is a highly versatile, economic process that successfully produces a broad variety of expanded snack products throughout the world. Baker Perkins extruders are a low cost-of-ownership tool allowing a wide range of snacks to be made with simple product changeover.

    The standard Snack Master™ system can be expanded to produce any of a wide array of extruded snacks, from standard direct expanded curls, rings and puffs to sophisticated, multi-component premium products including croutons, crispbread and sheeted snacks. Modules that can be added include specialist cutters for chipsticks or croutons; a sheeting die and oven for baked crisps; and a co-extrusion die and pillow crimper for filled pillows, sticks and wafers.

    Performance and reliability are maintained throughout, making Snack Master™ the ideal system for snack manufacturers of every size.

    Many Baker Perkins customers also visit the Innovation Centre at Peterborough, where equipment available for trial and development purposes enables existing product portfolios to be refreshed, and new ones created.

  • Required Equipment
    Snack Master™ Standard Line  






    SBX Master™ Extruder

Brochure: Food Extrusion

Brochure: Food Extrusion

Extruded Snack Products

Extruded Snack Products

View some of the extruded snacks that can be made on Baker Perkins' process lines.

Snack Master™ Systems

Snack Master™ Systems

A modular range providing the flexibility to quickly and easily create snack products that match the latest trends in consumer preference.

Food Extrusion Innovation Centres

Food Extrusion Innovation Centres

Baker Perkins offers all its customers facilities to develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials.