SBX Master™ Extruders

  • Upgrades

    Baker Perkins continuously develops equipment to improve performance and reduce cost of ownership. Many developments are available as upgrades for existing machinery; they address problems such as insufficient capacity, poor reliability and outdated hygiene standards. Original machine performance can be exceeded, and service life given a worthwhile extension.

    Upgrades available for Baker Perkins' SBX Master™ extruders include:

    Co-extrusion System

    This is a straightforward upgrade to an existing extrusion line. It enables the line to produce a wide variety of high-value centre-filled products. Extra value is achieved with minimal equipment and without extensive plant modifications.

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    Barrel Retrofits

    The latest barrel design incorporates replaceable liner inserts providing significant savings in cost of ownership and downtime. After the initial barrel retrofit, further liner replacements are limited to worn sections, not the complete liner. Savings of around 50% can be achieved.

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    Barrel Extension

    This upgrade can widen a product range or increase output.

    Improved Barrel Opening & Closing

    This upgrade provides a hydraulic barrel actuator to replace manual opening. At any point during lifting, and when open, the barrel is locked and cannot fall to cause damage and injury

    Barrel Liner & Screw Part Materials

    Wear can be reduced by switching to materials with enhanced corrosion and abrasion resistance.

    Replacement Gearboxes

    A new range of through-shaft cooled gearboxes offer greater capacity and higher service factors. Like-for-like replacements are also available.

    Shaft Conversions

    This is a low cost way of improving extruder performance and extending shaft life. Hexagon shafts can carry more torque, more evenly distributed, and are less prone to failure than round shafts. For extruders supplied with a hexagonal shaft, an upgrade to a splined shaft is offered.

    Die Replacement

    For extruders producing expanded snacks, new plate dies eliminate the necessity for skilled operators, cut down time and ensure product quality.

    Rapid Change Face Cutter

    Changing the extruder cutter blade can be achieved in 15 minutes with a new design unit – a quarter of the time previously required, and with minimal waste product.

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Lifetime Support for Extrusion Equipment

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Complete Snack Process Lines

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