foodpro - Sydney, Australia

foodpro - Sydney, Australia

Baker Perkins will be represented at foodpro 2021 at the Sydney Showgrounds, Australia, 10th to 13th October 2021.

We look forward to meeting you on the Schenck Process Group stand, E1.

Full details of the show can be found at

Baker Perkins is now part of the Schenck Process Group (SPG). As well as Schenck Process Australia and ourselves, a third SPG company, Kemutec, will be represented on the stand.

Schenck Process is the global leader in applied measuring and process technologies. Kemutec is a high quality global brand for powder processing machines including sifters, mills and mixers.

Baker Perkins has a long history of providing equipment and know-how to the Australian bakery, biscuit, confectionery and extruded foods sectors. At foodpro 2021 we will focus on two new processing technologies providing opportunities for Australian companies – functional confectionery and plant-based meat analogues.

FunctIonal, medicated and healthcare confectionery

There is rapid growth around the world in the functional, medicated and healthcare confectionery markets, including nutraceutical, sports nutrition and pharmaceutical potential.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the relationship between diet and wellbeing: functional confectionery appeals to people looking to boost their intake of essential nutrients, but prefer to do so in a non-pharmaceutical format.

Baker Perkins has developed batch and continuous ServoForm™ Mini cooking and depositing lines in response to demand for 50 kg/hr systems for this market. Functional confectionery is, by its nature, consumed in small quantities - one or two pieces per day, as with medicinal products. Consequently, runs are much shorter than with conventional confectionery, and the variety of ingredients and flavours much higher.

Since they were introduced three years ago, over 100 ServoForm™ Mini depositors have been delivered. They are extremely flexible, and capable of rapid change between different products by simply replacing the moulds.

Most have been sold to make functional gummies, increasingly used to deliver a variety of ingredients including vitamins, minerals, fibre, CBD, protein, Omega-3, robotics and energy supplements. Hard candies include antiseptics, menthol and eucalyptus oil to alleviate the symptoms of minor ailments such as coughs, colds, sore throats and nasal congestion.

The hygienic and accurate qualities of Baker Perkins’ starch-free cooking and depositing systems make them ideal for producing confectionery for the healthcare sector, with consistently accurate weight and dosage control. Products are reproducible, and capable of validation, with the active ingredients present in precisely the quantities claimed.

Baker Perkins also supplies complete high-output cooking, starch-free depositing and cooling lines for the full range of hard and soft sugar confectionery – hard candy and lollipops, jellies and gummies, toffee and caramel, fondant and fudge.

Plant-based meat analogues

Texturising plant proteins to make meat substitutes using twin-screw extrusion is advancing rapidly, enabling food manufacturers to capitalise on the surge of interest in plant-based eating.

Baker Perkins continues to extend innovative extrusion technology for both of the distinct markets for meat-free products made from plant proteins. Dry texturized vegetable protein (TVP) has been produced for many years by a low moisture extrusion cooking process but quality was always a problem – it failed to offer the firm, fibrous texture of meat.

Development of a new process for High Moisture Meat Analogues (HMMA) has addressed this. The key characteristic of HMMA produced by this process is the fibrous structure, which is achieved by developing the proteins in a twin-screw extruder then stretching and aligning them in an extended cooling die. Downstream processing such as mincing, mixing and forming can be done on standard meat processing equipment.

HMMA is widely used to make both ingredients and finished products. Ingredients for prepared dishes include mince, chunks and strips, typically for curries, pizza toppings, pasta dishes and soups. Completely meat-free products include burgers, sausages and meatballs.

For dry TVP a Baker Perkins SBX Master™ twin screw cooker extruder is used to form a melt that is extruded through a die and formed/cut into flakes, pellets or chunks before being dried.

These are usually supplied as bulk dry ingredients to manufacturers who rehydrate them before incorporating into meat-free products such as burgers, sausages, meatballs and prepared dishes. They are also often used as extenders for real meat.

HMMA involves chilled distribution, and manufacturers entering this sector must produce the TVP and process it into the end product. Conventional dry TVP has by comparison a long shelf life, and can be bought in for processing.

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