CFIA - Rennes, France

CFIA - Rennes, France

Baker Perkins will be represented at CFIA at the Rennes Parc Expo, Rennes, 14th - 16th March 2023. 

Located on stand 6 – C49, we will be available to discuss equipment and processes for the conventional and functional confectionery, food extrusion, biscuit and cereal industries.

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Confectionery depositing innovations

The ServoForm Mini was introduced in response to major growth in demand for functional and medicated confectionery. This created a need for lower output plant – unit consumption is low, perhaps one item a day – which combined with a wide range of different formulations, means that batch size and output requirements are often lower than a conventional confectionery line.

The ServoForm Mini small batch cooking and depositing range provides outputs up to 50kg/hr and in addition to the healthcare arena, it is used for standard confectionery by start-up companies and niche manufacturers, and as a lab or pilot-scale machine by established confectioners. The ServoForm Mini depositor is extremely flexible: changing products is simply a matter of picking up a different mould set. Metal moulds for hard candies can be rapidly replaced with plastic or silicone for jellies and gummies.

The latest addition to the range is the ServoForm Mini+ depositor which meets increasing demand for high-viscosity recipes and gummies with liquid centre fillings.

This machine includes a new mould lift feature synchronising the raising and lowering the moulds with the depositing cycle. The effect is high-accuracy positioning, and crucially a clean separation, without tailing, of the thin strand of viscous syrup between one deposit and the next. It is also vital for centre-filling to keep the filling and casing separate.

The development of the ServoForm Mini+ followed the introduction of the ServoForm Flexi depositor, which combines the benefits of Baker Perkins’ hygienic starch-free depositing with the long setting times and versatility associated with starch moguls.

Two machines are available: a single depositing head gives output up to 125,000 pieces at 500kg/hour; a longer machine with two heads can produce up to 250,000 pieces at 1000kg/hour.

Baker Perkins also supplies complete high-output cooking, starch-free depositing and cooling lines for the full range of hard and soft sugar confectionery – hard candy and lollipops, jellies and gummies, toffee and caramel, fondant and fudge. Outputs range from 500 to 1,500kg/hour.

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Extrusion expertise

Baker Perkins' twin-screw extrusion technology is at the heart of versatile systems producing a wide range of high-quality extruded ingredients and snacks.

TVP extrusion

Texturising plant proteins to make meat substitutes, fillers and extenders using twin-screw extrusion is advancing rapidly, enabling food manufacturers to capitalise on the surge of interest in plant-based eating. Baker Perkins has innovative processes for both High Moisture Meat Analogues (HMMA) and dry TVP.

HMMA is widely used to make both ingredients and finished products. Ingredients for prepared dishes include mince, chunks and strips, typically for curries, stews, casseroles, pizza toppings, pasta dishes and soups. Completely meat-free products include burgers, sausages and meatballs.

HMMA involves chilled distribution, and manufacturers entering this sector must produce and process the product before distributing directly to into the end product.

Conventional dry TVP has by comparison with HMMA a long shelf life, and can be manufactured, dried and sold in bulk for processing. It is rehydrated before incorporation into meat-free products such as burgers, sausages, chicken nuggets, meatballs and prepared dishes.

For dry TVP, twin screw cooker extruder technology is used to form a melt that is extruded through a die and formed/cut into flakes, pellets or chunks before being dried.

Baker Perkins’ SBX extruders can process a variety of different proteins including soy, pea and wheat; beans, lentils and other pulses can also be used. Baker Perkins also develops recipes for customers’ own chosen protein taking into account local taste and flavour profile preferences as well as ingredient availability.

Food ingredient extrusion

Baker Perkins twin-screw extrusion technology provides a hygienic, energy efficient method of producing core ingredients for the food industry.

Typical examples include soy or grain crispy pieces that add texture and functionality to bars and dairy products; modified flours and starches that act as clean-label thickeners and emulsifiers for soups, sauces, desserts and beverages; and standard or gluten-free breadcrumb and croutons. .

Extruded Snacks

Baker Perkins’ snacks systems based on extrusion, use a range of basic ingredients ensures their relevance throughout the world.

A choice of production methods presents an extensive variety of product opportunities. Many systems can be easily and quickly adjusted to generate a variety of extruded snacks, allowing companies to keep pace with fast-changing consumer demand in a dynamic market.

Product choice ranges from standard balls, curls, rings and chipsticks, to complex, high-value snacks in intriguing shapes, with flavoursome fillings. The ability to add virtually any colour and flavour allows every snack to be tailored to meet local customs and taste.

Co-extruded filled snacks incorporate centre fillings within a cereal outer. The ability to control three key aspects of the process – texture, filling and shape – creates the freedom to develop a wide variety of added-value extruded snacks.

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Biscuits, cookies and crackers

Baker Perkins supplies equipment to make unique products in profitable niche markets as well as complete, automatic production plants with mixing, dough forming and baking technology.

We cover every conceivable type of conventional soft and hard biscuit, cookie and cracker plus filled cookies, bars and filled bars. Frozen dough and encapsulated cookies are specific areas of expertise.

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Ready-to-eat cereals

A complete range of unit machines combined with the process knowledge and engineering expertise to build them into reliable and flexible high-output systems enables Baker Perkins to provide lines for rotary steam cooking or extruding virtually every kind of ready-to-eat breakfast cereal, from traditional corn flakes to modern filled pillows.

These lines comprise standard process modules combined in different ways to make different products and can be expanded at any time with the addition of extra modules to increase output, or change or extend the product range.

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