ASB BakingTech 2023 - Chicago, IL

ASB BakingTech 2023 - Chicago, IL

Baker Perkins will be attending the American Society of Baking's BakingTech 2023 in the Hilton Chicago hotel in Chicago, IL , February 28 - March 2, 2023.

We will be highlighting exclusive features of our bread forming systems.

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Innovations adding value to pan and tin bread

Forming systems from Baker Perkins enable bakers to meet rising demand for high-quality premium bread. Our high-output mixing and forming technology is ideal for a complete range of pan and tin bread doughs including white, brown, wholemeal, multigrain, mixed rye seeded and premium sandwich loaves.

The Multitex4 bread moulder add value to standard loaves by fully enrobing them with seeds or grains, and by creating attractive swirled loaves – or by doing both on the same machine. These features are available both with new machines and as retrofits on existing moulders.

Seeding the top, bottom, sides and ends of the loaf (fully-enrobing) adds visual appeal to the product as well as value, and supports claims to be tastier and healthier.

Demand for seeded bread is growing and has been met by simply sprinkling seeds or grains onto the top of the loaf as it exits the prover. However less than 25% of the loaf’s surface is covered and there is no way of pressing the seeds into the dough, so a great deal may be left in the bag. There is also waste caused by seeds or grains falling through the gaps between the tins.

Baker Perkins technique to make a fully-enrobed loaf involves rolling the coiled dough piece in seeds or grains before panning. This achieves good coverage and simultaneously solves the problems of pressing the seeds into the dough piece and avoiding waste.

 Another feature incorporates inclusions by interspersing them with the coils of dough. This technique has many advantages compared with simply mixing the inclusions into the dough.

Concentrating them in thin strata rather than being widely dispersed creates a much more visually interesting product with an intense flavor hit. Damage to delicate inclusions such as seeds, nuts, dried fruit and chocolate chips is avoided and it is possible to use fillings that would adversely affect texture if mixed into the dough.

Washdown, servo-controlled divider

The Accurist2.1 dough divider uses servo control to achieve the optimum balance between accuracy and quality, even at high output. Cell structure is preserved by gentle dough handling, while the control system monitors dough pressure and weights to maintain accuracy. Efficient lubrication and low-wear components sustain the accuracy for thousands of hours and a washdown capability contributes to hygiene and easy cleaning.

Servo control preserves cell structure by minimizing shear, compression and ram movement. Quality benefits include up to 15% increase in cell count, up to 20% increase in softness, greater volume, improved crumb structure and better color.

Dust free operation

A key feature of Baker Perkins forming systems is flour-free operation, eliminating dust from this part of the bakery, and leading directly to a reduction in operational, cleaning and maintenance costs as well as the elimination of cross-contact risk.

The system comprises divider, rounder, flour free conveyor/resting system, and a Multitex4 final moulder. The system operates with a Baker Perkins Accurist2.1 ram-and-knife divider and conical rounder but is equally compatible with an extrusion divider and bar rounder.

No flour dusting is required on any part of the process. Even the stickiest dough pieces are prevented from adhering to the rounder, conveyors and moulder by a combination of process conditions, equipment design and choice of materials. Not only does eliminating flour dust reduce ingredient, cleaning and maintenance costs it also removes a hazard from the bakery atmosphere.

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