Baker Perkins’ process expertise in every die

As long-established world leaders in food processing equipment design and manufacture, the Baker Perkins Die Guys have developed a unique understanding of the interface between the machine, its die and the product being made.

At Baker Perkins a die is not simply a die – it is a critical part of the forming process. In combination with the forming machine, the die sets the product size, shape, weight and thickness, as well as imparting the manufacturer’s unique design or branding. Dies that run cleanly and reliably also make a significant contribution to line efficiency.

A successful die starts with a good design based on a clear understanding of the customer’s requirements, while manufacturing using the latest design software and machine tools keeps quality high and lead times down.

Why choose Baker Perkins?

  • Process insight from OEM
  • Library of thousands of designs
  • Custom design service
  • Full range of die types
  • Available to suit all makes of forming machine
  • Fast and accurate 3D CAD design and engraving
  • Hand samples and test sleeves for pre-production review or testing
  • Fully equipped test lab
  • Help and advice over the phone or on site
  • Fast track manufacture
  • Repair, recoating and reconfiguration of worn, damaged or obsolete rolls

For expert advice and service call our team of die specialists on 1-877-DIE GUYS