Liquor Make-Up & Feed System

A system for the make-up of a malt liquor for incorporation into the cereal cooker process.

Liquid and powder ingredients to add colour and flavour to the cereal are weighed and blended. The resulting liquid additive (‘liquor’) is added to each batch of cereal grains and disperses uniformly throughout the cooking vessel. Poppet valves and a rotary union are used to introduce the liquor into the cooking vessel without de-pressurising it.

Equipment required is dependent upon scope of supply and upon liquor usage. This could cover a batch vessel for supplying liquor to one cooker or an automated system preparing liquor for a number of cereal cookers.

A small system may comprise a stainless steel jacketed holding tank into which pre-weighed ingredients such as granulated sugar, malt, water and minor ingredients are added. The tank capacity may be sized for a day's production. The liquor would normally be held at a constant temperature of around 70 degrees C to ensure a consistent process. A transfer pump would be supplied with necessary valves and pipework plus a mass flow meter to incorporate a measured quantity of liquor into each batch of cereal product.

For larger requirements of liquor used in high output systems it would be necessary to think in terms of either a batch continuous system or continuous system of liquor preparation. This may comprise a batch dissolver (150), buffer holding vessel, transfer pump and pipework for a batch process. Ingredients hand fed pre-weighed.

For large outputs the use of an automatic, continuous, batch ingredient weigh system (148), buffer tank, plate pack dissolver, buffer holding vessel, transfer pump and ring main mass flow meters at each usage point would be used. This system would require bulk storage of major raw ingredients, like granulated sugar and malt.

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