SBX Master™ Extruder

  • Benefits

    Baker Perkins’ versatile SBX Master™ twin-screw extruders provide continuous production at outputs from 250 to 2,500kg/hour, depending on formulation.

    The extruders are specifically designed for starch-based direct expanded products, but can also be configured for a wide range of other applications, including:

    • Breakfast cereals – standard and multigrain flakes, rings, curls, balls and other shapes
    • Snacks – from direct expanded curls and balls, to multigrain sheeted snacks, and to more sophisticated high-protein snacks and filled bars
    • Co-extruded products when combined with CoEx Master™ Co-Extrusion Systems
    • Ingredients – breadcrumbs, crispies, pre-gelatinised flours and modified starches to use as thickening agents
    • Biodegradable starch-based packaging – loose-fill chips and interlocking shaped pieces / “peanuts”. Special dies are also available for producing flexible foam sheets, providing for a growing plastics-free transit packing growth area.

    Extensive upgrades for higher output

    The SBX Master™ twin-screw extruder range has been extensively engineered to increase versatility and provide higher outputs while providing improved levels of food and operator safety.

    The high-free-volume agitator and barrel design has been retained with significant increases in main drive power and agitator speed. These changes have demonstrated potential increases in capacity of up to twice what was previously possible.  

    The effectiveness of the barrel cooling has been increased: barrels are a single-piece construction with the cooling channels closer to the inner surface, increasing potential capacity and quality in processes that require product temperature reduction.

    New die cutter operation for improved accuracy

    The die and cutter assembly translates across the die face to make changeover, cleaning and maintenance faster and safer.

    Micrometre adjustments to the die face maintain accurate cutting, virtually free from the changes in the die and barrel relationship due to thermal expansion resulting from temperature differences after start-up.

    Designed with hygiene in mind

    Hygienic design principles have been used throughout. The SBX Master™ is constructed from stainless steel with an open frame design and minimum open piping and cabling that makes cleaning quick and simple. As the entire die cutter is started up when cooked extrudate is producing, the opportunity for microbial contamination to processes downstream of the extruder is greatly reduced.

  • Specifications

    Baker Perkins’ versatile SBX Master™ twin-screw extruders provide continuous production at outputs from 250 to 2,500kg/hour, depending on formulation.

    Feeder and Preconditioner options

    A choice of integrated volumetric or gravimetric feeders are available. An integrated reject diverter assists changeover to new products by simplifying cleaning, and provides a more convenient and easier method of feed calibration.

    These extruders can be offered with the SBX Master™ range of Preconditioners

    Advanced controls for ease of operation

    Operators control the machine via a simple, intuitive HMI with recipe driven set-up.

    Standard sequences minimise the time and waste taken to start up and shut down the machine. Automatic management of machine settings through a system holding up to 50 formulations ensures exact, unvarying replication of each product, eliminating quality variations caused by operator error.

    The system enables integration of upstream and downstream equipment into a single control point for the line. There is also optional integration of features such as gearbox condition monitoring and gravimetric feeder data to provide machine throughput and to generate real-time specific mechanical energy display. Remote access is available over the internet via a VPN router, enabling Baker Perkins engineers to log in to a machine anywhere in the world for fault-finding, commissioning and software updates.

    Gearbox condition monitoring reduces unexpected downtime

    A gearbox condition monitoring system reduces unexpected downtime by providing continuous health-checking.

    This simple, low-cost system continuously monitors the frequency and amplitude of vibrations within the gearbox, allowing the ongoing condition of vital components to be measured. The principal benefit is elimination of unforeseen loss of production because of gearbox repair or replacement: maintenance scheduling is also significantly enhanced.

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eSheet: SBX Master™ Extruder

eSheet: SBX Master™ Extruder

Brochure: Breakfast Cereals

Brochure: Breakfast Cereals

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Lifetime Support for Cereal Equipment

Lifetime Support for Cereal Equipment

Parts, service, upgrades and rebuilds for your Baker Perkins machines for as long as they remain in production.