Flake Master™ Flaking Rolls

  • Upgrades

    Baker Perkins continuously develops equipment to improve performance and reduce cost of ownership. Many developments are available as upgrades for existing machinery; they address problems such as insufficient capacity, poor reliability and outdated hygiene standards. Original machine performance can be exceeded, and service life given a worthwhile extension.

    Upgrades available for Baker Perkins' Flake Master™ flaking rolls include:

    Flaking Roll Weld Layer

    New rolls have a unique weld layer which is uniformly hard and offers a consistent 10,000 hours between regrinds. This new material can be applied to existing rolls to increase their life by up to 100%.

    Flaking Roll Hydraulics

    The hydraulic gap control system can be upgraded to current standards. This improves the reliability and ease of maintenance of the rolls. The upgrade system, developed with Bosch Rexroth, utilizes an external position transducer, readily accessible for maintenance.

    Stub Shaft Conversion

    Fitting a Ringfeder locking assembly to the stub shaft of a flaking roll extends shaft life, reduces down time, and prevents the possibility of costly shaft failure.

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Lifetime Support for Cereal Equipment

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