Flour-Free Dough Resting System

  • Benefits

    Standard proving arrangements and intermediate conveyors can been replaced by a special purpose flour-free resting system that uses a variety of techniques to ensure the dough pieces are fully rested yet transfer cleanly from the divider to the moulder.

    The system fulfils two functions. Firstly, to transport the dough pieces from the upstream forming equipment and, secondly, to allow the dough pieces to rest.

    Exact specification for all dough types

    To prevent adhesion, Baker Perkins’ flour-free systems use multi-stage conveyors with transfers, belt materials and air systems carefully selected to suit the resting time, dough properties and ambient conditions.

    Achieving the correct balance is critical: if the steps taken to avoid adhesion go too far, the dough pieces may not relax sufficiently, or be misshapen or too dry to mould well. Baker Perkins' experience enables our process engineers to specify systems that balance all of the parameters to ensure that the dough pieces arrive at the moulders in perfect condition to produce high quality, consistent loaves. 

    Precision resting times for optimal dough 

    The resting step is a vital part of the process, as it relaxes the stresses that build up in the dough pieces during the dividing process. Without relaxation, the dough pieces are prone to tearing during the moulding process and also to proof and bake unevenly.

    The size of the system is determined by the resting time required. Careful consideration has to be given to the design of the system to ensure that the dough pieces do not have time to stick to the dough-handling elements. Adhesion is also influenced by the dough properties (softness and stickiness) and ambient conditions – particularly bakery temperature and humidity

    Reduced operational, cleaning and maintenance costs

    Being able to sheet and mould without the use of any dusting flour eliminates a significant health hazard and reduces operational, cleaning and maintenance costs. Designing the process without the need for flour dusting has created a system that is free from dough build-up, sticking or smearing which extends cleaning intervals and reduces cleaning time. There is also a process benefit in having the dough surface free of any dusting flour: consolidation of the dough piece under the moulding board is improved, leading to a more even texture with fewer holes and less evident swirling.

  • Specifications

    Specially designed conveyors

    For the conveying of individual dough balls without the requirement for flour dusting to avoid dough sticking. The conveyor system is designed to ensure that the dough balls cannot stick to the transportation surfaces. At each transfer point, the dough balls are rotated through 180 degrees to control the moisture migration through the dough.

    Air flow through specially designed pipework and nozzles

    Ensures a concentrated air flow is passed over the complete surface of every dough ball. The air flow is carefully controlled to avoid drying in the dough ball surface, which would cause poor cell structure in the final bread product.

    Servo controlled dough reject conveyors

    To reject double dough pieces. Mounted prior to the moulder infeed conveyor, featuring photocell monitoring to determine the presence of double dough pieces. A reject chute then diverts the rejected dough ball to customer’s bin. Features servo drive for variable speed control and high speed reversing.

    Features & Options

    • Individual variable speed control of conveyors, controlled from Moulder system panel
    • Stainless steel bodies and supports to floor
    • Cantilever design for quick belt changes
    • Turn-over device at delivery end of conveyor to ensure complete dough turnover without interrupting dough pitching
    • Polycarbonate tunnel over full length of each conveyor in hinged sections to concentrate air flow
    • Variable speed controlled air blower fans
    • Acoustic silencer for each air blower fan
  • Full Equipment Range





    Tweedy™ High Speed Mixer

    Tweedy™ T170 Mixer



    Industrial accurist





    Accurist™ 3000, 5000 & 9000







    Conical Rounder



    Industrial bakery first prover





    First Prover

    Final Moulding  


    Industrial moulder





    Multitex4™ Moulder

eSheet: Flour-Free Dough Resting System

eSheet: Flour-Free Dough Resting System

Brochure: Bakery Mixing & Forming Systems

Brochure: Bakery Mixing & Forming Systems

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