Tweedy™ Laboratory Mixers

  • Benefits

    Baker Perkins offers two Tweedy™ dough mixers for test bakeries and academic / laboratory use; the Tweedy™ 8 and Tweedy™ 20 have maximum batch capacities of 8 and 20kg respectively.

    Exact Replication of Production-Scale Systems

    All the important process control features found on Tweedy™ production mixers are incorporated into the Tweedy™ 8 and Tweedy™ 20, including variable speed control and pressure-vacuum mixing for enhanced texture control. This allows exact replication of the process of the production scale systems, enabling new product developments to be successfully scaled up to full production. 

    Ideal for Research and Academic Institutions

    The small batch sizes are ideal for research organisations studying high speed mixing and other aspects of the bread making process. A viewing port in the lid allows progress of the mix cycle to be monitored and process parameters can be repeatedly changed to analyse and assess results. For even greater flexibility the batch size may be reduced by up to 50% without affecting the process.

    Range of Applications

    The Tweedy™ 8 and Tweedy™ 20 are intended for use by high-output bakeries for development work on new products. Ingredient suppliers working on new formulations can use the mixers to improve high-speed mixing. Academic institutions can also use the mixers for training and education. 

    Several integral features make the Tweedy™ process ideal for many products, including burger buns, pizza, artisan-style and hearth breads, baguettes, focaccia, ciabatta, batter, rye, soda, pita, brioche, breadcrumbs, bagels and sweet rolls.

  • Specifications


      Tweedy™ 8 Tweedy™ 20
    Maximum batch size 8kg 20kg
    Minimum batch size 4kg 10kg
    Maximum flour capacity 4.7kg 12kg
    Drive motor 2.2kW 5.5kW


    The machines are compact with an integrated control panel and mounted on wheels for portability.

    The mixing bowl of the Tweedy™ 20 has an electric tilt mechanism for easy discharge.

    HMI with full process visualisation and recipe control, including network connectivity for data capture.

    Illuminated viewing port included in the mixer lid.

    Stainless Steel main frame with end frame panels housing electrical control equipment and the vacuum pump assembly.

    Mainframe is mounted on two fixed and two lockable casters.

    Swing frame is manufactured from stainless steel and enclosed in polished stainless steel covers.

    Stainless Steel mixing chamber designed to operate under pressure and vacuum.

    Swing mixer lid located onto mixing chamber with lifting springs and clamping arrangement.

    Lid-mounted adjustable vacuum relief valve and pressure/vacuum gauge.

    Lid seal manufactured from detectable rubber.

    Aeration solenoid and airflow meter mounted onto mixer lid arm.

    Stainless steel impact plate, designed for mixing to the bottom of the mixing chamber.

  • Full Equipment Range


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Technical Bulletin: Tweedy™ 8/20 Laboratory Mixers

Technical Bulletin: Tweedy™ 8/20 Laboratory Mixers

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Brochure: Bakery Mixing & Forming Systems

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