Service Contracts

  • Service Contracts

    Baker Perkins' Service Contracts are available to provide regular preventative service, maintenance and optimisation of installed equipment. They enable machine performance to consistently meet agreed targets.

    Service Contracts are normally tailored to meet individual customer requirements in areas such as machine performance, response time and budget. They range from regular unit machine inspections to responsibility for complete process lines.

    The basis of these contracts is regular inspection and servicing by a Baker Perkins engineer who understands the process as well as the machinery. The engineer identifies opportunities for improvement and root causes of poor performance, and ensures continuity of production.

    Service Contracts include a preventative maintenance regime for the equipment that avoids unplanned downtime and waste. It also ensures that product quality attributes such as piece weight or product size are maintained within tolerance.

    Typical areas covered include:

    Tweedy™ Mixers

    • Calibration of weighing and metering equipment

    Accurist™ Dividers

    • Checking of weight control
    • Cleaning and inspection of ram, knife and dies
    • Replacement of worn components

    Muiltitex4™ Moulders

    • Set up four-piecing

Contact Baker Perkins

Contact Baker Perkins

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Lifetime Support for Bakery Equipment

Lifetime Support for Bakery Equipment

Parts, service, upgrades and rebuilds for your Baker Perkins machines for as long as they remain in production.

Complete Bakery Process Lines

Complete Bakery Process Lines

Baker Perkins' range of integrated dough mixing and forming systems has been well proven in demanding, high-output applications around the world.