550 Vertical Spindle Dough Mixer

  • Benefits

    The 550 is a multi-purpose vertical spindle batch mixer with removable tubs. It is suitable for all types of biscuit dough, especially where a gentle mixing action is required.

    Wheeled mixing tubs are charged with ingredients, either by hand or from a semi-automatic tub filling system. The tubs are loaded into the mixer and raised up to the twin vertical spindle blades for thorough mixing. After mixing, the tub is lowered and wheeled away to either a tub tilt or a fermentation room.

    Versatile Process Suitable For Many Doughs

    • Handles a full range of hard and soft biscuit doughs
    • Minimal changeover time between different dough types
    • Suited to sponge and dough type processes where two mixings and a fermentation period are required

    Hygienic and Easy to Maintain

    • All drive and control components are clear off the floor
    • Minimum number of components

    Safe Operation

    • Tub must be present and raised before the mixer can operate
    • Blades will not turn unless covered by tub, and stop automatically when tub is lowered

    Simple to Operate

    • Controls consist of:
    • Raise / lower controls for tub
    • Stop / start for the beaters
    • Timer for optimum control over final mix
  • Specifications

    Typical mixing times and batch sizes (including loading and unloading the tubs from the machine) range from 15 minutes and 550kg for soft dough to 45 minutes and 475kg for very hard dough.

    Batch size: 550kg (soft) 475kg (hard)

    Beater Speed: 25 rpm

    Main Drive Motor: 22.5kW to IP44

    Bowl Tilt Motor: 2.2kW reversible


    Mixer Frame: unitary construction – heavy steel plate

    Dough tub: fabricated in heavy gauge mild steel


    Electricity: AC 3 phase with neutral

    Optional Features

    Totally enclosed safety gates

Data Sheet: 550VS Dough Mixer

Data Sheet: 550VS Dough Mixer

Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Bars & Snacks

Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Bars & Snacks

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